For all those I know we can do better moments…

TypeScience can help you extract the potential out of yourself and your people.

TypeScience offers corporate and non-profit consulting for team building, onboarding, and executive coaching needs.

We specialize in producing immediate, concrete, and highly-insightful applications to untangle inner-office inefficiencies and miscommunications so you can get on with what you do best. And we set you up with tools and language so you do not end up in that same place again.

We explain you to you. We explain you to your team. And we explain them to you. We explore not only your personality type, but the type of your team as a whole.

With this baseline established, the stage is set for a smooth transition with new hires. Each new hire has their own specific challenges entering into a new work environment. We provide you with a personalized list of how you can support them as they acclimate to your culture.

We run work-style comparison reports for team members who work closely together. And provide executive coaching for those hungry leaders who want to tap every ounce of their potential.

This is how we do it:

  • We learn your team.
  • We lead you through the TypeScience Training Program.
  • We connect the dots for you.

Our unique ability:

  • In only one 8-hour session…We can translate complex, yet highly effective personality insights into everyday language so your team can use it on an ongoing basis.
  • No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you know…We can quickly define your strengths and weaknesses and roadmap your next steps for growth and development.

Whether your team is all tangled up or in its healthiest state, TypeScience will elevate your immediate and long-term performance.

Codie Leath, a 2000 graduate of Murray State University with a BA in Mathematics, is the founder and principal consultant at TypeScience. You can read her story below.

Codie Leath
Founder & CEO
Certified MBTI® Consultant
Direct: 812.550.3332

Hi, I’m Codie Leath. Let me share my story with you.

I excelled in most areas until I started leading people. Like most do, I attempted to lead others in the same way I lead myself. Being an ENTJ, that meant communicating in clear, goal-oriented, and sometimes forceful directives. But not everyone responds well to that kind of leadership. In fact, only 10.4% of the population has the same communication/learning style (NT) as me. So you can understand why my leadership efforts sometimes caused frustration on both sides and even some broken relationships amongst friends and co-workers.

In 2010, I was introduced to the theory of personality types through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). My mind was opened to a framework of thought that answered so many questions – like why I was different from most women (only 1.5% of women are ENTJs), why I could focus on and accomplish a goal with little effort but struggled at times to express my emotions (Thinking vs. Feeling), and why setting the trajectory of a project was energizing but executing the details of that project was much more taxing (Intuition vs. Sensing).

Type theory also provided definition for the differences I noticed in people but had never been able to categorize. My eyes were opened to what motivated people, the kind of information they trust, where they stood when making a decision, and how they liked to organize their environment. Such knowledge multiplied my effectiveness in all the people-areas of my life. I was no longer stuck with just one approach to leadership but could now translate my big-picture strategies and clearly-defined directives into different communication styles. My audience multiplied. And I wasn’t nearly as irritated by people once I understood them. My relationships deepened.

I have consulted several hundred people across a myriad of industries from insurance sales to business owners, from commercial realtors to church pastors, from Los Angeles to Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta, and Indianapolis. And my clients report the following results:

  • A huge dose of self-awareness
  • Overwhelming feelings of validation as they put words to aspects about themselves never before defined
  • An immediately useful organizational system to categorize interpersonal differences
  • A common language to speak constructively about team members’ similarities and differences
  • And a road map to implement real-time solutions for personality-related problems in their life

If you are interested in experiencing those same results, please click the big red button below. I would love to work with you.