Client Testimonials

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Michael Lohman, ESFP

“TypeScience has helped me grasp the different personalities within my organization and how to effectively communicate to my employees. Our team is more productive as a result.”

Michael Lohman, ESFPChairman & CEO | Go Mini’s Franchising
Lauren Bowie, ESTP

“In the insurance business, knowing personality types is a game changer for us. Understanding how the client thinks and processes information helps us differentiate ourselves and meet their needs.”

Lauren Bowie, ESTPPersonal Risk Advisor | Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance
William G. Barron, ESTP

“My introverted colleague does not process his thoughts out loud like I do. He processes internally. So if he’s silent it doesn’t mean that he has checked out but that he has checked in. And he will share what he’s thinking soon.”

William G. Barron, ESTPFounder & CEO | Barron Enterprises
Brian Lewis, ENTP

“Codie Leath is not only an expert in personality type theory, she is also a high-level leadership equipper.  She has unleashed areas of my leadership effectiveness by crystalizing my strengths and sharpening my understanding of those I lead.”

Brian Lewis, ENTPExecutive Director | Campus Outreach Memphis
Ben Gallant, ENFJ

“TypeScience helped me become a better team player by giving me tools to quickly recognize different personality types and flex to adjust to team members that are different than me.”

Ben Gallant, ENFJProduct Owner | SIGMA Technologies
Berly Sullivan, ESTJ

“I now approach my personal AND business life with a new found sense of awareness for others!”

Berly Sullivan, ESTJExecutive Director | Mentor Kids KY
Bo Barron, INTJ

“The huge dose of self-awareness I’ve received from Codie has allowed me to focus on my strengths while leveraging a team to fill in the gaps. I’m operating at a much higher efficiency and the results have been incredible.”

Bo Barron, INTJExecutive Vice President | The Massimo Group
Zach Snyder, ISTP

“The MBTI is the third personality assessment I’ve used, and it has been the best by far. Mainly because of how Codie has helped me and our team learn to understand each other and work together in a positive way.”

Zach Snyder, ISTPPresident | Western Excelsior Corporation
Scott Kenworthy, INTJ

“Codie has a way of turning the light bulb on so to speak, which helps you see yourself, your team’s conflicts, and your organization’s mission more clearly. I would highly recommend TypeScience to anyone looking for deeper self-understanding, stronger team cohesion, and all-around better results.”

Scott Kenworthy, INTJLead Pastor | Owensboro Christian Church
Mike Turner, ISFP

“I strongly recommend TypeScience to anyone who wants to better lead their team. To lead them well you have to understand them well, and no one is better at helping me understand my people than Codie.”

Mike Turner, ISFPRegional Director | Campus Outreach Dallas/Ft. Worth
Alex Abbott, ESTJ

“TypeScience has helped me better lead my team by gaining further awareness of my teams dispositions and strengths. In understanding personality types, I now have a more effective way to work with my team and know my audience. I recommend TypeScience to anyone who wants to maximize their team or evaluate if they have a correct “fit” with current roles and team members.”

Alex Abbott, ESTJVP Sales & Marketing | Western Excelsior Corporation
Clint Watson, ENFP

“TypeScience has been tremendously helpful to me as a leader in understanding my own leadership needs and strengths as well as those I seek to lead and develop.”

Clint Watson, ENFPEast Coast Network Director | Campus Outreach

Teams Made Stronger