8-Hour Team Intensive

Invest in a full day of mentally-stimulating, self-realizing, solutions-packed team training. Discover the embedded matrix that lies behind every interpersonal interaction, and together as a team, use that knowledge to untangle inner office miscommunications and inefficiencies. Learn to use your whole brain in decision-making and how to flex your leadership style to connect with all other personality types.

Talent alone is not enough to produce success.

Talent alone is not enough to produce success. Your team needs a common language to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Type theory provides that language. Learn how each personality type:

  • Contributes to the team
  • May irritate the team
  • May be irritated by the team
  • Can maximize their effectiveness

8-Hour Team Intensive Training

A Common Language

Having a common language to speak positively about your similarities and differences is your first step toward team alignment.

Objective: To strengthen your team by learning your personality types and to apply type knowledge to maximize everyday work situations

Tool: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Ideal Number of Participants: 5-25

Ideal Set up: Offsite conference room or a private onsite meeting room

Modules: Communication, Decision-Making, Leadership, Innovation, Stress Management, Teaching, Selling, & Emotional Intelligence
(You can choose 3 modules to be covered during the 8-hr session.)

Features: Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group Activities, Time Alone to Reflect and Sharing Time

Duration: Full 8-hour workday or two 4-hour sessions split between two days

Preparation: Each participant will take the MBTI assessment online beforehand

Debrief: An executive debrief between Codie and the Team Leader will be held after the training to discuss what surfaced during the session

Cost: $2000 + $65 per person for materials

Ben Gallant, ENFJ

“TypeScience helped me become a better team player …”

Ben Gallant, ENFJProduct Owner | SIGMA Technologies
Alex Abbott, ESTJ

“I recommend TypeScience to anyone who wants to maximize their team or evaluate if they have a correct ‘fit’ with current roles and team members.”

Alex Abbott, ESTJVP Sales & Marketing | Western Excelsior Corp