Executive Coaching

The TypeScience Executive Coaching program is a non-traditional, panoramic, MBTI-infused consulting experience, designed to help you lead with your whole brain. The MBTI is more than a personality indicator – through the expertise of your TypeScience consultant, it can be the roadmap, the “secret sauce” behind your mastering the following:

  • Contagiously & authentically living out the Mission Statement of your organization
  • Casting-vision for your company that connects with all 4 learning styles
  • Setting and wording goals that all personality types can get behind
  • Motivating team members differently based on their type
  • Persuading every flavor of naysayer
  • Placing young talent strategically throughout your organization
  • Turning inner-office conflict into a catalyst for collaboration
  • Quickly guesstimating someone’s personality type
  • Tracking your stressors and regaining balance
  • Making decisions with your whole brain
Executive Coaching

How It Works:

There are 8 mental functions that every person uses to gather information and make decisions:

  1. Recalling the past
  2. Taking in the present
  3. Connecting information intuitively
  4. Brainstorming future possibilities
  5. Figuring out how things fit together
  6. Making logical decisions
  7. Knowing what is important to you
  8. Putting yourself in others’ shoes

Each person uses these mental functions in a different order based on their personality type. Your #1 function is called your Hero. Your #8 function is called your Villain, the most rejected part of your personality. We call this your Hero to Villain List. Your major contribution in life will come from your first 2 functions, the Hero and the Assistant. The rest of the list will either play a supporting role or be a liability.

Learn your Hero to Villain List and the list of your most pertinent relationships through this mind-bending, self-realizing, solutions-packed 1-on-1 Executive Coaching program.

Scott Kenworthy, INTJ

“As an introvert serving in a people-driven industry, I’m often frustrated with what I ‘lack’ as a leader. TypeScience helped me recognize that what I lack allows me to lead in ways others cannot. It also taught me to appreciate and rely upon those around me who contribute in ways that I find difficult. I would highly recommend Codie to anyone who wants to raise their leadership capacity and improve their team’s performance.”

Scott Kenworthy, INTJLead Pastor | Owensboro Christian Church

Your TypeScience consultant will train you to:

  • Identify and develop your Hero and your Assistant
  • Create internal systems to check the balance of these 2 functions
  • Discover which functions add to your wheelhouse and which take away from it
  • Develop your functions that are liabilities
  • Identify your Villain and how it shows itself in your life
  • Create “work-arounds” for dealing in your Villain function
  • Discover past influences that have shaped the way you express your personality
  • Identify key factors for future growth of all 8 mental functions
  • Run a comparative analysis of your Hero to Villain List with the Hero to Villain List of your colleagues

Objective: To lead with your whole brain

Tool: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Modules: Communication, Decision-Making, Leadership, Innovation, Stress Management, Teaching, Selling, & Emotional Intelligence

Training Pre-Requisite: None

Character Pre-Requisite: Faithful, Available, Teachable & Transparent

Duration: 4 -6 months


  • 1 Onsite Day per month (½ shadowing & ½ training)
  • 1-Hour Webinar per week
  • Weekly Assignments