Work-Styles Comparison

Let the science of personalities provide you with a direct comparison between you and your colleague’s working styles. This session features a letter-by-letter breakdown of how two specific MBTI types mesh together in the workplace. This is the constructive way to both express your appreciation and air your grievances.

Your TypeScience consultant will:

  • List common pitfalls for you and your colleague’s MBTI types working together, one letter at a time.
  • Listen as you and your colleague share about having experienced those pitfalls or not. Discussion is paramount to the success of this session.
  • Guide you in untangling issues as they surface, using the material covered in the 8-Hour Team Intensive.
  • Organize your take-aways and facilitate a game-plan to apply them.
Work-Styles Comparison Training

Communicate More Efficiently

Don’t waste any more time mis-communicating. Sit down with your TypeScience consultant and get it all straightened out.

Objective: To work smarter with your colleagues

Tool: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Ideal Number of Participants: 2 at a time

Ideal Set up: A private onsite or offsite meeting room

Pre-Requisite: 8-Hour Team Intensive

Duration: 3 hours

Preparation: None

Cost: $450

William G. Barron, ESTP

“My introverted colleague does not process his thoughts out loud like I do. He processes internally. So if he’s silent it doesn’t mean that he has checked out but that he has checked in. And he will share what he’s thinking soon.”

William G. Barron, ESTPFounder & CEO | Barron Enterprises